12 Aug

Debian 9.1 (stretch) with proprietary nvidia-driver and uvesafb

So it’s 2017 and I can’t believe I had to get my hands this dirty to put this to work, but it finally works: I have high resolution text console while using the proprietary nvidia-driver! Don’t get me wrong: the steps are easy, but the mere fact I had to do this is what annoys […]

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3 Feb

Install Skype on Debian Stretch (next-stable/testing)

First and foremost: This post only makes sense if you’re trying to install Skype (multiarch) on Debian Stretch while it’s on the testing branch. This is true as of February 3rd 2016. I faced an issue where Skype wouldn’t install because libssl1.0.0 isn’t available for multiarch (yet). So when trying to install Skype it’d fail […]

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